Web Development

I develop high-end responsive websites from today's most popular pre-built templates such as Pixelarity, HTML5 Up, TemplateMonster, Free Website Templates, or any other template provider. You pick the template design that you want, and I will add page editors, inspection-related page templates, custom images, relevant content, and anything else you need.

Mobile Marketing

Roughly 86% of consumers own mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and use them regularly to search local businesses. If your local business is not ready to serve the mobile marketplace, then you are likely going to lose business to your mobile-friendly competitors. I provide businesses with marketing applications that work specifically within mobile browsers and work on existing websites to improve them for the mobile marketplace.


The words you say can either compel, or repel, your prospects and allies. Words can either make money for you, or they can keep people from spending money with you. I write the words that you need for any type of media you require including websites, brochures, audio-visual scripts, and more.

Video Production

Did you know that YouTube is the largest search engine behind Google? Video is the single-most compelling sales and marketing tool on the World Wide Web. In fact, over 65% of executives said that they visited a vendor's website after viewing their video as compared to just 9% who were send a link without a video. I can take your raw video footage and still images to create an amazing video presentation for your company that won't break the bank!

Lead Generation

Creating a reliable "leads pipeline" will give new life-blood to your business. I will help you to implement a variety of tools, strategies, and services that can farm fresh leads from multiple sources at nominal cost to you.

Sales Strategy

I have been involved in sales training (as a VP of Marketing and Senior Regional Sales Manager) for multiple companies since 1996. Handling objections is nothing new to me whether it is done online or at the kitchen table. I can help you to become a better sales person and closer no matter the situations you find yourself in.

I am a leading online communications professional who has worked with hundreds of companies and individuals to develop their sales proficiency, website presence, online content, visual communications material, and print media. I have also developed web-based marketing applications to assist local businesses with sale automation, lead farming, and referral generation.