About Robert Humphries

Twenty years of helping small businesses succeed!

As a marketing-communications consultant and sales training professional for the past twenty years, I have helped thousands of business owners and individuals to sell more products, generate more leads, and close more sales. It didn't matter if they were face-to-face, using printed media, showing a video, or marketing on the World Wide Web, my job was - and still is - to create visual communications media for them that compels people to like you, trust you, spend money with you, and refer more business to you.

Though I have been a business owner since 2006, my experience started in the "corporate world" in the following positions starting in 1988:

  • Regional Sales Manager - Financial Services
  • Account Executive - Graphic Arts & Printing
  • Director of Compliance Communications - Financial Services
  • VP Marketing - Venture Capital
  • VP Corporate Communications - Interactive TV Software
  • Member, Copyright Alliance
  • Member, InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
  • Former, Marketing Chairperson TIMA (The Interactive Media Alliance)
  • Founder, TREIMA (The Real Estate Industry Marketing Alliance)

Since 2007, I have worked exclusively within the home service industry. I have invested thousands of hours of personal phone time with hundreds of home service professionals to learn more about their marketing challenges and strategies. As I learn, I develop solutions to help them put, or keep, food on the table.

It has been nearly a decade since I became a home service industry "vendor", and I am loving every minute of it. I am proud to have helped so many wonderful entrepreneurs find their personal success, and I have learned more than I would have ever imagined about the home service industry.

If you are a home service professionals who needs help to find prospects, close sales, farm leads, generate referrals, or market your business more effectively, I can proudly say that there are few people who serve the inspection industry with my skill-sets. It would be my honor to help you WIN BIG and SUCCEED MORE!

Just give me a call or send me an email.