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"What kind of companies do you typically serve?"

We serve basically any type of company that serves home owners and the real estate marketplace. This includes inspectors, stagers, plumbers, landscapers, real estate agents, and more.

"What kind of marketing media do you specialize in creating?"

We specialize in creating the following types of media:

  • printable media such as stationary, brochures, flyers, and posters;
  • websites and web-based services;
  • motion videos and voice-narrated slideshows
  • audio narration
  • copywritten content for print and online media

"What is your process for creating an introduction video or commercial for my company?"

  1. Know how you intend on using the video. An introduction video that you share on YouTube or your website can be longer than a commercial for which you intend on buying airtime for commercial television distribution.
  2. Provide us with any and all assets that you want in your video such as logos, fonts, text copy, and raw video clips.
  3. In most cases, audio for video clips will be dubbed-over with background music and voice narration. If you have video clips that require you, staff members, or clients to speak, then make sure you record those clips the least amount of background noises as possible.
  4. Provide us with a general story-board idea, and we will create the final story-board outline for your approval prior to producing your video.
  5. All final videos will be saved in MP4 format.
  6. We can upload your video to your YouTube, Vimeo, or other account for you upon receiving your account's login information.

"How do I record raw video and send it to you?"

Most smartphones today are capable of recording in both 720p and 1080p. Make sure that any videos you record with a smartphone are horizontally-oriented versus vertically-oriented. You may also record your video clips using a digital camera or digital camcorder.

Because raw video sizes are usually huge, you will need to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) your videos to our online production server. A login will be provided for you. Alternatively, you can use our upload form and send your assets as file attachments.

"How long does it take to create a typical company introduction video?"

That depends on the length and complexity of your desired video. A very simple, short (less than 120-seconds) video can take about 48 hours to create while a complex, longer video can take up to one week or longer. Again, this is dependent on the assets you provide, when you provide them, edits that you require, and other jobs we are working on.

"Once you've created my final video, can I request edits if something needs to be changed?"

Yes. Just keep in mind that edits are billed on an hourly rate. Our current rate is $55 per hour for video production.

"How does re-branding pre-created media work?"

We realize that most companies that work within the same industry need the same kind of general marketing media to explain and promote their core products and services. By creating core content that can be used by anyone, we can save our clients a ton of time and money.

For example, nearly every home inspection company wants their clients to learn more about RADON and its health effects. We would create a generic, yet informative, RADON video that can be used by any home inspection company. However, each company's RADON would be branded to them with a unique intro, their unique logos, and their unique contact information.

"Can you create something totally original for me that nobody else can re-brand?"

Yes. Keep in mind that original projects will take longer to complete and cost more than simply re-branding pre-created media.

"I really like a particular product you've created, but I need more customization to the content. Do I owe anything extra for additional customization?"

Yes. Any edits to the core media we create will require a additional fee. The fee depends on the media. For example, it takes MUCH longer to edit videos than print material (especially if you include additional voice-narration). Also, if you have additional content to add to printable media that generates additional pages, then that also takes a lot more time to complete than simply changing a logo or contact information.

Also, you will have to pay for any additional employees or contractors we need to bring into the project if necessary.

"Can I get my money back if the media that you create for me doesn't work as I expected it to?"

We will require you to confirm that you are satisfied with any project you buy. Once you confirm the project has been completed to your satisfaction, then no refunds are allowed. Remember, you are paying us to CREATE a project, not to market your business.