How We Work

Two Ways of Getting What You Want

We have a unique way of making high-end creative services available to, and affordable for, your business.

Templated Projects

  • Most businesses within the same industry need very similar marketing materials. After all, they sell very similar products and services.

  • When we create a templated project, we do it to highest standards. It WILL BE very professional and something that you can be proud of.

  • Regardless of the media (video, print, website, etc.), the content within will be generalized but very relevant and accurate.

  • You will then have the opportunity to pay only for customization and personalization of the media so that it is tightly-branded to your company.

  • Other companies in your industry will be able to re-brand our templated media, too. However, we make an effort to prevent your local competitors from using the same re-branded media to compete against you.

  • Re-branding allows you to take an "off-the-shelf" marketing product and make it yours through re-branding. This, in turn, will save you hundreds-of-dollars.

  • Any additional editing (to make the marketing product more personalized to your company) will require an additional Personalization Fee. Even so, this will usually still be much cheaper than paying for brand new, proprietary, marketing media.

Custom Projects

  • Custom Projects include any creative service that are proprietary to your company. It is only for your company, and nobody else can use it.

  • You will be billed as the sole user and payor of the media we create for you.

  • The fee we charge is $45 to $55 per hour (depending on the type of project required) unless your project requires multiple skill-sets and multiple developers. If this is the case, then you will be billed PER ADDITIONAL EMPLOYEE OR CONTRACTOR that we have to bring aboard to complete your project.

  • Once we have your custom project outlined and planned, you will receive an electronic quote (usual an email with a printable PDF document).