We Have Talent, Not Limits

Take a look of some of the work we've done for our clients. This samples on this page represent just a very small fraction of the products and services we've delivered.

BRANDABLE VIDEOS: Pre-Listing Inspection

This complete video can be branded to a client company with the option to have elements of internal content edited as needed. This allows us to offer high-quality, educational video productions at very low prices for a limited number of clients who don't require something that is expensive and fully-customized.

CORPORATE VIDEO: Full House Inspection Services of Seattle, WA

The client provided us with smartphone footage and logos which we compiled into a corporate video. The voice copy was written after extracting information from his website. The video has been added to the client's website at www.fullhouseinspections.com


ShareCard is a digital business card provider. This is the product presentation video for the company.

WEBSITE: Ace Professional Pest Control Training

The company had a 10-yr old website that lacked responsiveness to mobile devices and had a very dated look. We started from scratch and built them a thoroughly modern website with custom logo design.


WEBSITE: Porter's Wisconsin Inspections

This website was built using a Pixelarity™ template. The corporate logo was also designed by us. We also wrote all of the website copy and added custom images.


WEBSITE: Habben's Home Inspections

This website was built using a Pixelarity™ template. We wrote the website copy and built custom images promote the inspector's skills, training, and certifications.


WEBSITE: Full House Inspections

This website was built using a Pixelarity™ template. We wrote the website copy and added additional multimedia assets where they count.


WEBSITE: Triangle Home Inspector

This website was built using a Pixelarity™ template. We imported the website copy from the client's old website and re-wrote much of it.


WEBSITE: AM Inspections and Property Services

We built this website template from scratch and worked with the client to develop website copy that met his needs. It is one of our simpler designs that functions well with tremendous editing capabilities.



These are two of our many proprietary gift cheque designs used for House Call Inspections. This particular set of gift cheques is for "First Home Inspection" and "Home Warranty Inspection". Gift cheques can include any content and incentive offerings as you desire to complete your promotional campaign.


This is another version of a gift cheque that was used for sponsorship of a swim team by one of our clients.

BROCHURE: San Miguel Coffee Company

The following three images are part of a sales and marketing program for a coffee company. Some images were provided to us while others were custom-created. The text copy of the brochure was a collaboration between the client and us. The brochure design is 100% customized and not a template.

NOTE: The floral "aroma" image and coffee cup are 100% customized for the client.