Corporate, Business, Sales Videos

Nothing Converts Prospects Into Clients Better Than A Video

Our corporate, business, and sales video production process keeps prices down, quality high, and delivery time fast.

Business Video Production for only $360

Save $140 off our standard price of $500 for a two-minute, voice-narrated, original business presentation video that you can share on your website and through social media networks.

Why You Need A Corporate or Sales Video

Thousands of companies have experienced proven, measurable results after deploying a video as part of their corporate marketing strategy. Here are some real-life statistics for you to consider:

  • 73% of all traffic on the Internet came from streaming IP video in 2016. This is expected to increase to 82% by 2021. -- Cisco, 09/17/17

  • Home & Garden videos increase viewer conversion ROI by 43% on average. -- ConversionXL, 08/11/17

  • Text-only website landing pages hold the average visitor's attention for about 9-seconds whereas a video can keep a visitor on a website for over 4-minutes (which is enough time to allow visitors to make a purchasing decision).

  • Videos that include moving images of people using the products and services being sold can increase sales conversion rate by over 60%.-- ConversionXL, 08/11/17
*Conversion - A percentage number that represents online visitors to a website who "convert" into buyers or subscribers.

Who This Service Is For

This video production service is for small businesses that want the benefit of professional video production without the costs inherent to full-blown video production and editing.

This is accomplished by the business participating in filming short clips (to our required specifications) and emailing them to us. By having the participation of the business, we can dramatically reduce production cost and completion time.

How Much This Service Cost

The cost of producing videos can vary widely. However, we provide a production format that allows our clients to dramatically reduce the cost and delivery time. Full-blown video production and direction (which includes an on-site film crew and production team using their own equipment) can cost between $3,000 to $8,000 for a 2-minute video.

However, by following our guidelines, we can reduce production and finalization costs to $500 or less in most cases.

By uploading your finished video to a free service like YouTube®, you will not incur any monthly hosting fees.

How This Service Works

Unlike tradition commercial video production, we WILL NOT have a film crew on location. The needs of most small businesses will not require this as it adds thousands-of-dollars to the production cost of your video.

Instead, we will rely on you to provide us with basic "assets" so that we can assemble your video using material that you have provided to us. These assets will include raw video, images, logos, scripts, and other media that you want to have appear in your video.

Don't be alarmed! This is actually way more simple that you might think right now. The "video magic" happens in the post-production process, so just get as much content as you can to us so that we can sort through it and produce an amazing video for you.

We will handle the frame transitions, special effects, voice narration, background music, and all other production aspects of your video using what you provide to us.

What We Need From You

In order to keep the production cost down, we assemble the assets that you provide to us, so here is what we need from you...

  • About 15 to 20, ten-second, video clips of you doing your job. Stage this any way that you want. You can film this using your smartphone held in HORIZONTAL format (hold your phone sideways). Whether you choose to film with a smartphone, digital camera, or digital camcorder, set your recording resolution to at least 720p and a maximum of 1080p.

  • Logos that are necessary for your video. This would include your hi-res corporate logo and any other logos that represent your credibility or experience (such as professional association logos, social media logos, or brand logos - among others).

  • Several still images that are necessary for your video. This would include images of clients using your products and services, images of products you sell, logos, and any other images that you deem necessary in your video. Photos should be at least 1280px (wide) by 720px (tall). Logo files should be at least 500px wide if possible.

  • Text copy that you require in your video. This includes anything that you need people to hear about your company.